Ozello Trail, A Florida Natural and National Attraction

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The Ozello Trail is becoming a more and more popular attraction in Florida. Centrally located between Homosassa Springs and Crystal River in Citrus County. The area is known as a fisherman and boater’s paradise for its quiet island feel and beautiful surroundings. Now, it has also has become popular to motorcycle and car enthusiasts. Most recently, “Car and Driver” magazine features a cruise down the Ozello Trail in their August issue. The national publication features a test drive of a super-charged 2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-S. The magazine refers to the Ozello Trail as “a snake of a road slithering through a marshy buffer along the Gulf of Mexico.”

Twists and Turns of the Ozello Trail

The exciting 57 curves of the 11-mile road are great for Gulf Coast drivers and motorcycle riders. A different way to explore the natural beauty of central Florida. The Ozello Trail offers an old Florida feel surrounded by the scenic gulf waterways. The trail is a paved 2-lane county highway that takes you from US Highway 19 to the Gulf of Mexico. A true destination ride in a uniquely natural setting on Florida’s Nature Coast.

Ozello History

The town of Ozello was established just after the Civil War. Until 1961, the Ozello Islands were only accessible by boats. Until 1961, the islands of Ozello could only be accessed by water. The popular Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” mentioned the school of Ozello because their school bus was a boat.

Take a Pit Stop Along the Ozello Trail

Pecks Old Port Cove Blue Crab Ozello Trail FloridaWhen you reach the end of the Ozello Trail, you’ll come to a boat ramp, causeway and a handful of homes. After a scenic ride down the Ozello Trail, stop in and grab a bite at Peck’s Old Port Cove. Peck’s is a local popular seafood restaurant located at the end of Ozello. Relax, sip a drink and dine on locally caught blue crabs overlooking the beautiful views of the water. Catch an amazing end of the day sunset, or as the locals say, “Ozello Gold.”

Wildlife and Fishing in Ozello

When you roll down the Ozello Trail, keep an eye out for the natural wildlife. From dolphins leaping out of the Gulf of Mexico to the many wild birds, turkeys, deer, turtles and more hanging out along the way. Many locals and tourists enjoy kayaking and canoeing around the islands of the Ozello keys.

Wildlife enthusiasts enjoy fishing, canoeing, kayaking and air-boating the natural surroundings of the Ozello Keys area. The waterways are clean and clear, but boaters must watch their speed in the shallow and rocky bottoms through the channels. The Ozello Keys ranks as one of the 12 best fishing spots in North America by national sporting publications. A popular spot for anglers for trout and redfish.

Living the Ozello Lifestyle

The Ozello community has less than 1,000 residents living in the area. The St. Martins’ Nature Reserve surrounds the community which ensures the natural surroundings from becoming destroyed by urban sprawl found in larger cities in Florida. If you’re in the market for a rural piece of Florida real estate, consider buying a home in Ozello. On the other hand, purchase a piece of vacant land to build the perfect waterfront home. The agents at Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty in Citrus County can help you find your dream Ozello home, seasonal vacation home in Ozello or even a rental. Buy your own piece of Ozello Florida real estate and live the true Florida lifestyle.

Make the Move to Citrus County, Florida

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty of Citrus County FloridaAfter taking a ride down the Ozello Trail, you’ll certainly want to come back. There is something for everyone when you are at your leisure in Citrus County, Florida. Whether you’re seeking a vacation rental home, winter home or a permanent residence, contact the professionals at Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty to help.

If being on the water is one of your passions and a beautiful, well built, waterfront home is in your future, you cannot do better than to make your home in Ozello’s natural paradise. Please contact us today for information on waterfront homes or lots for sale along the Ozello trail or elsewhere on Florida’s Nature Coast.

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