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New Homeowner in Citrus County Florida

Top Tasks to Check Off Your List When You Become a New Homeowner in Citrus County, FL

Moving into your new home in Citrus County can be a lot of excitement, but also extremely stressful. There’s no doubt that when your essential boxes are unpacked it’s very tempting to breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, unpacking isn’t the only thing on your to-do list as a new homeowner in Citrus County, Florida.

Locate Your Breaker Panel or Fuse Box

Whether you are needing to install a new appliance or you simply trip a fuse, it is important to know where your breaker panel or fuse box is as a new homeowner. You don’t want to get stuck trying to find it in the dark when the power is out.

Check Around for the Water Shut-Off Valves

You will likely find individual water shut-off valves in specific areas in your new home, one in the kitchen and one on each toilet and sink. If a pipe bursts or leaks in these susceptible areas, you will want to turn off the water access. However, if the leak occurs in another area, you will need to know where your main water shut-off valve is located. Since every second counts, when it comes to mitigating water damage, you don’t want to waste time trying to locate the valve.

Check Your Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Make sure that every sleeping area and outside of every sleeping area has a smoke detector, as well as ensuring that one is on every floor. Additionally, check for a carbon monoxide alarm, and ensure that in all items that the alarms and detectors are in working order. You never know how frequently the previous tenants or owners checked the alarms and detectors, so it is a safe idea to start your yearly check the instant you move in.

Change the Locks as a New Homeowner

While you will ideally receive all the keys a former occupant makes, the reality is that friends and family members may have been given copies of the previous homeowner’s keys. For extra safety, change the locks when you move into your new Citrus County home. This can ensure a fresh start and an added sense of security.

Stressful situations can arise when you are unfamiliar with key areas in your new Citrus County home. To ensure that you are as prepared as possible for an emergent situation, be sure to check your house in these key areas.

Make the Move to Citrus County, Florida

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