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Homosassa Florida Real Estate is another crown jewel of Citrus County. There are many options of living in great neighborhoods inland but also on the water. If a waterfront home or building lot is in your plans, then the Homosassa River is sure to please you.  For the first two or three miles from the main spring, homes, marinas and restaurants line the Homosassa River. At the terminus of the developed area, there is a spectacular neighborhood of elegant homes, aptly named, Riverhaven.  Beyond this point, there are a few homes accessible only by water.

Once past these, the river flows unencumbered by man-made structures, much as it did five thousand years ago.  This portion of the river is Old Florida at its best. Oaks, cedars, pines and palms line the banks. There is abundant wildlife both in and out of the water.  Porpoises hunt and frolic in this pristine area, while raccoons prowl the shoreline in search of a crustacean meal. And if in the early morning or at night, you should hear a screech and a growl. A bobcat may just be having a wild turkey dinner.

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

The Homosassa River flows for nine miles of fish rich waters. From its headwaters at the main spring, inside the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park, it meanders its slow way to the Gulf of Mexico.  The Park is home to an array of native wildlife.  There are otters, bobcats, Florida panthers, alligators, turtles, foxes and Florida whitetail deer to name a few.  There are also numerous species of aquatic birds. For an incongruous note, there is also a hippopotamus that has been in residence for over thirty years.

The Park is also home to a manatee rehabilitation facility where sick or injured manatees receive help.  Afterwards, they are set back into the wild. Visitors can view the main spring from the unique underwater observatory and come nose to nose with not only the West Indian Manatee, but also a myriad of fresh and saltwater fish that enter and leave the spring at will.  On any given day one can see; not only manatees, but also snook, redfish, sheepshead, mullet and spotted seatrout. Also, you’ll see many freshwater species such as largemouth bass and several varieties of sunfish. When you purchase a piece of Homosassa Florida Real Estate, you can enjoy all of the outdoor amenities of this wonderful area.

Fishing on the Homosassa River

But if you’re wondering about the fishing, wonder no more: Fishing is what the Homosassa River along with its salt creeks and tributaries such as the Halls and St. Martins rivers are known for worldwide. Their inimitable fishing opportunities have provided famous anglers and personalities as well as President Grover Cleveland with innumerable thrills.  Several world record tarpon have been taken in this area on the fly rod. Many avid fishermen purchase Homosassa Florida Real Estate as a vacation home.

Then, there are tasty sheepshead, redfish and spotted seatrout, cobia and Spanish mackerel as well as several species of grouper. There are few thrills that can compare to a big spotted seatrout smashing your top-water plug or a 20 lb. gag grouper, bending your rod and your back in its effort to stay out of your dinner plans.  So if fishing is one of your passions and a beautiful, well built, waterfront home is in your future, you cannot do better than to make your home in this natural paradise.

Please contact us today for information on Homosassa Florida Real Estate. There are great waterfront homes or lots for sale on the Homosassa River, one of the crown jewels on Florida’s Nature Coast. Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty are your Homosassa and Homosassa waterfront experts.

Homosassa Homes For Sale | Homosassa Vacant Land For Sale

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