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All New Live Streaming Webcams of the Famous Florida Manatee

Most recently, the Save the Manatee Club, known as the world’s leading manatee conservation organization, set up two new webcams at the Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park in Homosassa. Both cameras stream live on the web underwater and above water activity of the Florida manatee. The Homosassa Wildlife Park keep three manatee captive year-round and also serves as a winter refuge for manatees in the wild. Viewers can watch the Florida manatee live 24/7 online at www.ManaTV.org. Also, the Save the Manatee Club is partners with www.explore.org, a live nature network.

Citrus County- Home to the Florida Manatee

Florida Manatee, Homosassa Homes and vacant land for sale in Citrus County, FloridaViewers will be able to see the Homosassa Manatee live and up close year-round thanks to these new web cams. The park’s three resident manatees stay there full time because of their injuries. Additionally, there are underwater gates that allow the wild manatee to swim in and out of the main spring year-round. The springs are vital to the manatee in the winter months, which is why they gather in Homosassa Springs, Hunter Springs and Three Sisters Springs of Crystal River, Florida. The constant 72 degree temperature of the water helps them stay warm when the weather cools down.

Manatee Care Center & Underwater Observatory

Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park features an in-ground pool at the Manatee Care Center. The Manatee Care Center devotes their services to injured manatees. Here, they offer veterinary care until they are well and release them back into the wild. Viewers will be able to see the manatees in this in-ground pool as well. The live streaming webcams are a great asset to the park, as the famous Underwater Observatory is not accessible to park guests with mobility devices.

About Save the Manatee Club

Florida Manatee, The west indian manatee is found in Crystal River and Homosassa Florida.Since 1989, Save the Manatee Club, has provided funds for multiple enhancements to the park. The club provides a spring run gate, heating support tanks, veterinary care and the park’s “Manatee Watch” pontoon rescue boat. Additionally, the club began the Adopt-A-Manatee program in place at the park. This program’s funds go towards efforts to protect the manatees and their natural habitat. Essentially, the club is a very important partnership with Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park.

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