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Citrus County Gulf River Waterfront Homes

Seven remarkable rivers and miles and miles of pristine coastline on the Gulf of Mexico. If you love the water, let us introduce you to a water lover’s paradise. That is what we have here in Citrus County, Florida. There are many different areas for Citrus County Florida Gulf and River waterfront homes and vacant lots for sale. Let’s start with the rivers. First, at the southern edge of our county, we have the Chassahowitzka River. The springs feed into this river, crystalline at its source creating a Mecca for kayakers and anglers.  It is dotted by islands as it empties into the Gulf. Fortunately, it is for the most part within the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge. We’re not going to be seeing any condos here.

Homosassa River

Farther north, we have the Homosassa River. Now, if you’ve ever chased big tarpon with a fly rod, we don’t have to say anything else about this river. For those of you who enjoy other forms of angling, this area will not disappoint.  Also, the Homosassa River is the winter home of a large number of West Indian Manatees and a great place to swim with these gentle giants. Then, there is the Little Homosassa River, which meanders almost parallel to its big brother.  The Little H. is known by birders for its avian population and by fishers for big spotted seatrout.

The Halls River, a tributary of the Homosassa, contributes a crystalline flow. Its shallow waters are a favorite of kayakers and those who like to catch sheepshead and blue crabs.

Moreover, is the St. Martins River. It courses through the Ozello Keys and opens into the St Martins Marsh Aquatic Preserve and the St Martins Keys.  This is a favorite area for fishing and scalloping.

A little ways north, we have the Salt River, which has access from both the Homosassa and the Crystal Rivers.  The Salt is curvaceous to say the least. It is wide in places, as in Shivers Bay and narrow in others.  The primary targets of anglers in this area are redfish and flounder with a few healthy spotted seatrout in the mix. A popular area for Florida Gulf River Waterfront Homes and vacant land in Homosassa is the Riverhaven community.

Crystal River

Further down, we now come to the Crystal River, known as the “Manatee Capital of the World.” More than two hundred of these gentle herbivores make their winter home in its constant seventy-two degree waters.  This yearly gathering of the West Indian Manatee is a huge attraction to residents and visitors alike. It is home to the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, the only refuge in the country dedicated to the preservation and protection of a single species.  Manatees are a major, but certainly not the only attraction of this teeming river.  The fusion of fresh and saltwater fish makes for unique fishing experiences.  Imagine, one minute a large-mouth bass is making your drag sing, and ten minutes later a redfish is the songwriter. Crystal River is a sought after market for Florida Gulf River Waterfront Homes and vacant land in Citrus County.

Withlacoochee River

In addition to these waterways, we now come to the Withlacoochee River.  Much like an immense moat around a medieval castle, for some forty odd miles, the Withlacoochee encircles Citrus County, Florida. From the County’s southeastern tip to its northwestern edge, where it empties into the Gulf of Mexico. The Withlacoochee River is our border with three adjacent counties.  Its tree-clad banks are home to native flora and fauna rarely seen in such profusion. As for its waters, well, they host every native species of freshwater fish that exists in Florida.

Gulf of Mexico

Finally, we come to Citrus County’s really big water: The Gulf of Mexico.  Our intricate coastline along the Gulf is an amazing combination of estuarine areas, oyster bars, saltwater marshes, inlets and brackish coves where our rivers add their flows to its limpid saltwater.  Close to our shoreline, the Gulf is festooned with a number small archipelagos. The majority of these islands are uninhabited and in their proximity, one finds superb fishing and unique birding opportunities.  Offshore, reef and pelagic species await the diving plug or the baited hook. This most prolific environment is superbly conducive to every aspect of water sport imaginable.

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Gulf/River Waterfront Homes For Sale | Gulf/River Waterfront Vacant Land For Sale

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