Crystal River, Florida – A Crown Jewel of the Nature Coast

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Crystal River, located on the beautiful Nature Coast of Florida, is a water lover’s paradise. Once you visit, it’s very clear to see why people make the move here. From the charming small town lifestyle to enjoying the natural springs and quick access to the Gulf of Mexico. Crystal River is an outstanding Florida Waterway and offers ample opportunities for flats and offshore fishing, swimming in the numerous springs with the manatee and scalloping in the summer. Millions of gallons of transparent waters flow from its many springs. Its natural beauty and abundant life have attracted humans since time immemorial.  It continues to do so in the present day as well as plenty of sea life.

Natural Springs of Crystal River

Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, FLThe Crystal River is as close to paradise as we humans are likely to get in this life. Besides its natural beauty, it has, by virtue of the Floridan Aquifer, an additional attraction. This attraction is the flow of its springs at a constant temperature of seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, when the waters of the Gulf of Mexico chill, the springs of the Crystal River experience momentous influxes. For one, fish of many varieties seek the warmer waters. At this time, it is common to see a mixture of fresh and salt-water species congregating at the springheads. These may include snook, largemouth bass, redfish, seatrout, bream, sheepshead and others.

The Florida Manatee

Additionally, we have another visitor to Crystal River. They are the Florida manatee, a sibling, if you will, of the West Indian manatee. These The west indian manatee is found in Crystal River and Homosassa Florida.warm-blooded marine mammals come to seek a warmer home from the cold waters of the Gulf of Mexico every winter. They find refuge in the warm waters of the Crystal River. They being herbivores, get their sustenance from its aquatic plants. Travelers come from all over the world to Crystal River, Florida to take part in swimming with the manatees or just glide above them in canoes, kayaks and boats. Additionally, visitors can see the “sea cows” by walking along the Three Sisters Springs boardwalk in Crystal River. Furthermore, guests have the option to take a trolley to Three Sisters Springs from the visitor’s center which also stops at Heritage Village, South Citrus and Hunter Springs Park.

Tourism in Crystal River

Not only is Crystal River known for swimming with the manatee, but for additional water activities, such as scallop season in the summer months. Many travelers come from all over Florida in the summer to gather scallops in the Gulf of Mexico. Hotels fill up, restaurants are busier than usual and tons of boats get launched into the Crystal River to head out to the Gulf of Mexico. The scallops harvested in our waters create an exciting summer vacation for many visiting tourists, families and even fun for the locals.

Crystal River, Florida communities and vacant land in Citrus CountyThe service businesses that keep everything running also benefit. A major factor are the many individuals and families that originally came only for the manatees and then fell in love with Citrus County and the Nature Coast. They have bought properties here and have become our neighbors and friends.  It is a trend sure to continue. Every day more and more people come to the area. The well-kept secret is out. The whole world knows what a treasure chest of natural amenities we have. Not only in the Crystal River but also in the rest of Citrus County and the Nature Coast.

Small Town Charm

The historic district area of downtown Crystal River, is only blocks from the waterfront. Here you will find and can visit charming specialty shops, marvelous restaurants and cheerful bars.  Downtown is where you will find the city’s many festivals and events. Take a stroll down the streets or even hop on your bicycle and ride around town. Crystal River has something to offer every one of it’s visitors.

Make the Move to Citrus County, Florida

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty of Citrus County FloridaThe historic district area of downtown Crystal River is also where you will find Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty’s Crystal River Office. Our office is located right in the middle of it all! Next Generation Realty will be happy to help you find the perfect home, vacant lot or rental in Crystal River or anywhere else on Florida’s Nature Coast. Call today for more information on making the move to Citrus County: (352) 794-6100.



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