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If you’re not ready to commit to buying a home just yet, consider renting in the Citrus County area. Although Citrus County is not a large, metropolis area, we do have many options for rentals besides apartment complexes. Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty’s Property Management team is the expert in not only Sugarmill Woods rentals, but also all Citrus County rentals. If a maintenance-free home is what you are looking for, renting is the best option for you.

Next Generation Realty offers many different types of rentals. From waterfront homes in Crystal River or on the Homosassa River to condominiums and residential homes in Sugarmill Woods and other Citrus County neighborhoods.

Long Term Rental Properties

A long-term rental property generally requires a 1-year minimum lease and do not usually include furniture. Usually, a property manager will take care of all maintenance issues, should one arise. Some rentals will include the utilities in the rent, others may not. Each rental contract varies.

Vacation/Short Term Rental Properties

If you’re not in the market to rent a home for a year, there is the option of a vacation rental. This rental is for a short period of time that can vary depending on the area. For example, a short-term rental in Cypress Village of Sugarmill Woods is a 1 month minimum while in Oak Village of Sugarmill Wood is a 3-month minimum. Other areas, such as Crystal River, are a 3-month minimum lease. The Property Manager will have all of this information on each area for you. Also, a short-term rental generally includes furniture, utilities and maintenance for the home.

The Process

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty of Citrus LLC | Citrus County Florida Property ManagementFirst, all potential tenants must meet the Qualifying Criteria by the property management company. These criteria include: employment or verified proof of income, one-year verifiable rental history, must live in the rental unit they are applying for, a credit history check, criminal background check, security deposit and in some cases, occupancy limits must be established per the unit size.

Next, once all of these Qualifying Criteria are met, the potential tenant must fill out a rental application. Next Generation Realty charges an application fee of $50 that must be paid at the time of submitting application. Their Property Management division makes the process easy by having these forms easily accessible online.

Finally, once you are approved by the Property Management company, you will be contacted about securing your rental. You will meet with the Property Manager for a walk-through move-in inspection of the rental, pay your first and last month’s rent along with security deposit. After all of these steps are complete, you can now move into your new rental home.

Citrus County Rental Opportunities

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty, Property ManagementWhether you’re seeking a vacation rental home or long-term rental home in Sugarmill Woods or surrounding areas, contact the professionals at Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty. Visit their website for current available rentals. Kristine Moller, Property Manager, will be happy to assist you in find the rental home you desire.

Make Money on Your Investment

Additionally, if you’re looking to make extra income on your investment, consider hiring Next Generation Realty to manage your property as a rental. Kristine Moller can find you the right tenants for your home through the screening process. They stay up to date on the rental market, giving them the knowledge to get you the most out of your investment by avoiding costly vacancies. Their commitment is to protect your investment. Call today for more information: (352) 586-7923 or contact them online.



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