Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty of Citrus LLC Property Management

Coldwell Banker Next Generation Realty’s property management team is the expert in Citrus County Florida rentals. They are ready to assist you with all of your rental needs. We stay up to date on the rental market, giving us the knowledge to get you the most out of your investment by avoiding costly vacancies. Our commitment is to protect your investment. 


Our property management team consists of several parts, allowing us to operate efficiently and accurately. The Property Manager is knowledgeable in all the aspects of the business and is also a Florida licensed Realtor. 

We use several vendors on a daily basis to upkeep the rentals, bringing highly skilled workmanship at a great value. All the vendors we hire are licensed and fully insured. 

In addition, all leases and forms that we execute are prepared by a top-notch Florida Law firm.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship with our rental owners and tenants. In addition, our property management software keeps all parties in the loop every step of the way.

We have designed our Property Management division to best fit the different needs of our clients. We have 3 different services to choose from:

Long Term Rental Properties

First, we offer a long term rental service. With this option, we fully manage your property. We find and qualify tenants to maintain the well-being of your home during a lease period. Usually, long term properties do not come with furniture and require a 1-year minimum lease. Moreover, our Property Manager checks all potential tenants’ backgrounds and credit. Additionally, we have Qualifying Criteria that all tenants must meet in order to rent from us.

Vacation/Short Term Rental Properties

Next, we offer vacation rentals. These properties come with furniture that tenants rent for short periods of time. Vacation rentals include all utilities and maintenance. When we manage a vacation rental, we advertise the property to find the tenants. Additionally, we maintain the well-being of the property during the tenancy and collect any applicable sale tax and file it with the state.

Lease Only Option

Lastly, we offer a lease only option. This is an option for a landlord who feels comfortable managing their own property, but needs help finding a well-qualified tenant. With this option, we advertise the property to find a tenant. All potential tenants must meet our Qualifying Criteria. Also, we will prepare the lease for the tenancy and do the move-in inspection.

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