January 2022

Citrus County Couple

Valentines Day Dates: Small Town Edition

Valentine’s Day Date: Citrus County Every year, on February 14th, lovers celebrate one another by showering each other in gifts, candy, flowers and fancy dinners. Valentines Day, also called Saint Valentines Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, has been a celebrated symbol of admiration since 496 AD (approximately 1,526 years). A holiday like this can put tremendous pressure on someone attempting to...

Garden Blog

Winter Gardening: Florida Edition- Herbs, Veggies & Flowers

Florida Winter Annuals Take advantage of the break Winter gives from the harsh heat of Florida Summer and plant a few Winter Annuals. These flowers thrive in the cooler temperatures as well as add color to your landscape. A few examples of ideal plants for your winter garden are listed below: Alyssum- Primarily pink and purple, Sweet Alyssum will bring a fresh pop of color to your flower bed. Being a...

Cabot Comes to Sugarmill Woods & Southern Woods

What's New in 2022? The new year brings big changes to little-old Citrus County, Florida. In Spring of 2022, the county will welcome Cabot, a Canadian Developer, to town. Cabot brings with them major renovations to Citrus Counties most renowned golf courses, such as World Woods, Sugarmill Woods and Southern Woods. The company seems enthusiastic to add our towns golf courses to their luxurious...

Crystal River Florida Manatee Festival Event

35th Annual Manatee Festival 2022: Downtown Crystal River

35th Annual Manatee Festival: Downtown Crystal River Saturday & Sunday, January 15th & 16th Join the family-friendly fun that's happening in downtown Crystal River, Florida. Taking place the 3rd weekend of January, the festival features live music, great food and lots of vendors to explore and enjoy. Experience the true Nature Coast and take your family on a manatee kayak/boat tour or kick back...

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