December 2021

Citrus County Florida Lawns

Winter Water Conservation- Citrus County, Florida

Temperatures are dropping here in Florida, meaning it’s time to turn your irrigation system OFF. The University of Florida suggests for Winter Water Conservation that homeowners refrain from watering their lawns between the months of December and February, only to be turned ON after 2 weeks of no rainfall. This is not applicable to those that own an irrigation system with water sensing technology- this...

Wire Fraud and Real Estate

Wire Fraud is Real, Don’t Become a Victim

Tips to Prevent Wire Fraud From Happening to You When Buying Your Next Home Wire fraud is a type of fraud that is used in the form of telecommunications or the internet, including but not limited to; telephones, fax machines, email, social media, or SMS and text messaging. With the modernization of technology, fraudsters are adapting as well as expanding their formats. In the beginning, one would have to...

Monkey Island Homosassa Florida

Monkey Island of Homosassa – Extreme Makeover Edition

For the residents of Citrus County, “Monkey Island” is no foreign term. Located in the Homosassa River, this rarity is definitely not one to miss. One is guaranteed to spot the family of 5 while on the boat, passing by, or while enjoying a drink at The Florida Cracker Kitchens’ Monkey Bar. Monkey Island - The Beginning The Island, starting as a random rock formation, was developed by G.A Furgason...

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