September 2019

What Every New Homeowner Should Do

After months of research, saving, and planning, you’ve finally reached your goal. Congratulations; you’re officially a homeowner! A word of caution, though: although your closing is complete, there’s still work to do. From the logistics of moving to learning the new lay of the land, there’s a plethora of things new homeowners need to buy and do. To help you plan, we’ve compiled a list of...

Cyber Crime – Show Me The Money

Phishing, hacking, wire fraud – these are all ways people attempt to steal from others online.  As real estate searches and transactions move more online, the chances of cyber crime scams are even greater. We’ve all received the email from the Nigerian prince who will send you money that’s being held for you if you would just supply your bank account details.  There are also the phone calls from...

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